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Things to Know About Elderly Abuse and How to Report

Everyday, elderly people are subjected to different forms of abuse and they cannot report because of fear of retaliation. Also, some of the elderly are not usually capable of reporting. Elderly abuse happens in both nursing home and home caregivers. As an individual, you should ensure that you make the society a favorable place for the elderly. As soon as you suspect any form of abuse to an elderly, you should ensure that you report to the authorities. Some of the signs that shows that an elderly is being abused is if he or she is always unusually quiet or agitated around the caretaker. In this article, you will learn more about what to do when you suspect that you loved is being abused.

Reporting and elderly abuse is only possible if you are aware of the different types. Most people usually assume that all abuses are physical but this is sometimes not the case. One of the common types of elderly abuse is financial abuse. Most caretakers who are left to handle the finances of an elderly usually bankrupt them. Some of the forms of physical abuse that you should know include slapping, pushing, or punching that leads to physical injury. Sexual, healthcare, and psychological abuse are the other types of elderly abuse that you should know. In this website, you will discover more about these types of elderly abuse.

What are the signs of elderly abuse? It is not usually easy to tell if an elderly is being abused unless you are keen. Learn about the signs of abuse and neglect to ensure that your loved one is safe. A common sign of abuse is usually a change in personality which is characterized by depression and other mental health concerns. Fear is also a clear sign of elderly abuse. Injury marks and bruises usually show that an elderly is being physically abused. As soon as you establish this, you should do something about.

Apart from the signs, you should be informed about the many scams targeting the elderly. It is usually easy to scam an elderly since they are not informed. The most common form of scam against the elderly is prize announcement. After the prize announcement, the elderly will end up spending a lot of money to redeem the prize which will never happen until they go broke. Click on this page to learn some of the common scams against the elderly.

Now that you understand elderly abuse, you should know how to report. As soon as you suspect elderly abuse, you should call 911. With the help of an attorney, you will be able to bring the abusers into book.

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