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Differentiation Between Divorce And Annulment

When you are married, there is a small chance that, at some point, one of the parties will demand a divorce or annulment from the other person. Divorce and annulment might sound similar but have a lot of differences which only professionals like lawyers and judges can help. This is because, apart from the couples that need separation, the lawyers and judges are also involved. A large number of people perceive that divorce and annulment are one and the same thing. This is not correct since both names have different procedures regardless of the fact that they work towards the same goal. With a divorce, you shall be ending a valid marriage.

With an annulment, the marriage is considered as null and void. Experts define annulment as the legal process of erasing a marriage with the consent of both parties. You are required to seek legal help since annulment is considered as a complicated matter and you need to learn more. Although you shall not have been married after the annulment is done, the records of that marriage is kept in your legal files. For divorce, this procedure is used to terminate a valid legal marriage. There are no legal repercussions that any party should worry about once they are done with the divorce process. If you want to get an annulment, you can select either a legal process or a religious one.

Most couples get an annulment after they experience challenges in their new life. The existence of incompetence between parties is regarded as one of the reasons that make couples get an annulment. In the event that one of the parties was not in their right state of mind, the law finds it right to have the marriage annulled. Not terminating the first marriage and then getting married again is a situation that most people are finding themselves in. This is considered as an offense by the law. What the government will do is annul the second marriage.

There are cases where cousins or even siblings have gotten married only to realize this later after the marriage is over. According to the law, you are now required to get an annulment because this is incest. In some states, it is important that you produce evidence before you can be granted the divorce. Apart from evidence, you also need to involve a lawyer when it comes to the division of assets and children. Apart from employing lawyers to represent you, you shall also be required to go through a court process. For annulments, they are rare because people might not qualify for such practices. If you want to get an annulment, there is a time frame is certain states.